A myth,
a legend,
a monster.

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The town of Anghenfil is full of stories: they are tales that hint at its stormy, magical past.

And when a long dormant monster is freed after centuries trapped in a hidden cavern, Anghenfil once again finds itself at the mercy of a raging, ferocious enemy.

Anghenfil is an exhilarating action-horror film, and also the world’s first micro-budget motion capture feature film – featuring epic battles, hidden secrets and a monster that will wreak havoc on our unsuspecting world.

Anghenfil is a world first – an exciting, independent film that unleashes the power of motion capture to help tell its tale. Currently in production around the north west of England, this is a film that uses today’s innovative tech – the same mocap principles that power the world’s most famous blockbusters – to bring this vicious creature to life.

“People’s imaginations are the only limit to what they can put to film.”

— Raindance

The story of Anghenfil’s creation is a compelling tale in its own right. It’s a project that has already excited interest from some of the smartest minds in independent film.

By unlocking the potential of this technology, the film’s creators are showing that motion capture isn’t just for the big players. It’s for everyone. And in their hands, it becomes an experience you won’t want to miss.

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